Sophie Nedelec

Photo: Sophie

Me and my Work: Identifying: Behavioural ecologist

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Sarah Hunak

Photo: Sarah

Me and my Work: Observation: My job is to keep people safe from radiation

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Where does rain come from?

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Michael Rivera

Photo: Michael

Me and my Work: Classifying: Have you ever wondered what people did ten thousands years ago?? We can learn a lot from bones in archaeology!

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Marisol Collins

Photo: Marisol

Me and my Work: Testing: My work involves looking at a parasite of dogs that can spread to sheep, cows, horses and even people!

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Lauren Burt

Photo: Lauren

Me and my Work: Pattern Spotting: I’m interested in how storms change our coastline

Status: I'm still shaking. Thank you for all of you who voted for me. I am beyond words and can't wait to make my video! I am on twitter @BurtyBeaches if you want a copy! :D :D :D

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