• Question: If you could Swap with someone else on here who would you swap with (You can swap with Micheal,Marisol,Lauren Or sarah) REMBER NOT YOURSELF :)

    Asked by Hayley to Lauren, Marisol, Michael, Sarah on 16 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Lauren Burt

      Lauren Burt answered on 16 Nov 2016:

      Wow great question!

      If I could swap then I would like to do a bit of everyone’s job for a day just to see what it is like. They all do amazing jobs in other subjects of science and I would learn a lot by doing their jobs.

      If I could choose I would say Mario as I would love to learn more about animals!

      Lauren ?

    • Photo: Sarah Hunak

      Sarah Hunak answered on 16 Nov 2016:

      Seriously, everyone in this group has an awesome job! I love that I’m learning so much off the others in subjects I never thought I’d ever learn about just by reading their answers to your questions. Out of us all I would pick Michael as he has the best facts 😉

    • Photo: Michael Rivera

      Michael Rivera answered on 17 Nov 2016:

      What a difficult question!

      I love going to the beach, so Lauren’s job is really attractive! I also think her job is really important for the future of mankind. Far too much of human activity is destructive to the environment and what Lauren does partly is raise awareness of our impact on coastal habitats, on the animals and plants that live there, and to come up with practical solutions to human problems that do not do serious harm to nature.

      Marisol’s job, I also would love to do – I love animals and especially dogs, which she works closely with. 🙂