Question: Since you say that you know all 197 countries, if you had a choice to learn all those languages, would you do it !? :D

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  1. First of all – thank you for reading my profile so carefully! I don’t think many students have caught that fact about me, so that makes me really happy you did! 🙂

    I would love to learn all those languages – but being a scientist is such hard work, I never have time. At the moment, I am slowly learning some Italian. Hopefully I get to try some other languages that I’ve always wanted to learn as well – mainly Greek, Spanish, French and Japanese!

    Can you speak any other languages? Which ones do you want to learn?

    Michael 🙂



  1. I’d like to learn more Spanish since I;m learning that in school



  2. I’m sorry 🙁 🙁


  3. @ScienceTheLoveOfMyLife – that’s completely fine! All the other scientists to great stuff too. Hopefully I’ll still be able to go to your school one day and speak. 🙂